Thursday, September 20, 2012

And then we went shopping for some Princely clothing

We went to Winners last night to find The Prince some more business attire. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Canadian awesomeness that is Winners: it's the same as a Marshall's.)

The Prince: "I have decided that I will try on no more than five shirts and five pairs of pants. Choose wisely."

Me: "That's fine with me. Trying to find clothes to fit you is like trying to dress a string bean."

The Prince: "Fine."

Me: "Okay, here, try this stuff on."

The Prince: "You have to come with me!"

Me: "No, I have to go look at boots."

The Prince: "But what if the pants look funny and I can't tell?!?!?"

Me: "Okaaaaaay. But then it's boot time."

Half an hour later:


The Prince: "You're just cranky because you're currently in your version of shopping heaven and I'm not letting you run wild and free."

Me: "That might be it, actually."

The Prince: "I'm getting these things. Let's pay and leave, I'm hungry."

Me: "But what about the boots!?"

The Prince: "Fine, five minutes of boots."

Me: "And then the purses."

The Prince: "No."

Me: "And then the scarves!"

The Prince: "No."

Me: "Come on, you OWE me a scarf for sitting on that bench alone and being well behaved."

The Prince: "Noooooo."

Me: "Maybe you should get new socks?"

The Prince: "No."

Me: "But the jewelery section, they have big tacky rings I want to try on!"

The Prince: "No!"

Me: "I want to look at all the stationary."

The Prince: "NO."

Me: "I need a new wallet?"

The Prince: "You have 27 wallets! No more wallets!"

Me: "But what abou-"

The Prince: "NO NO NO NO"

Me: "This was not a fun shopping trip."

The Prince: "Are you just saying that because you didn't get anything?"

Me: "Yes."



  1. The Prince totally hijacked that trip. Rude. You should go back and get a wallet, a scarf, boots AND 3 tacky rings. Done and done.

  2. I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again - you and the Prince's conversations are sooo similar to mine and my boyfriends sometimes - wchich is awesome.

  3. You are AWESOME, hehehehe-- I love your blunt honesty. You seem to hold yourself perfectly accountable, and that is rare!! :)

  4. thanks for the laughs!! this totally made me want to take my captain out shopping and give him hell.
    Now following!

  5. Boys suck! There is a saying that I like to keep in mind: Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!

  6. RUDE. You so deserved a scarf! :)

  7. Of course shopping trips aren't fun when you don't get anything. That's the rule.

  8. I agree 1000% .... I don't think I've ever had a Winners trip NOT last longer than an hour.

  9. I can't say I know what Winners is, but I refuse to take The Wife with me when I go shopping for clothes. Oddly enough, though, she needs me with her when shopping for her clothes because I have more fashion sense. It's that degree in theatre.

  10. I know exactly how you feel!
    Makes you hate shopping with them! ;)

  11. Boy shopping is so bloody boring, it makes me lethargic. xxx

  12. Well, you are right. Shopping trips suck if you're not the one benefiting. Shopping trips sometimes suck enough when you are the beneficiary, let alone when you have to "ride the pine."

  13. EW. Shopping without buying is like vomiting without drinking: All the pain, none of the fun.

    I'd like to point out that Winner's boot/shoe section is the BEST part of the store. You can try on all the 7 inch heels, pretend you can walk in them, imagine what it would be like having sex in them and then decide not to buy them because who wants to wear heels during sex? ... And then you go buy those flat booties and switch the price tag so you only have to pay 30$ instead of 65 because it's Winner's and you came for a motherfucking deal.

    Mm. I might have to go to Winner's this weekend.
    Watch out, shoppers! It's time for sex heels!

  14. It is a constant battle with my boys too, trying to get them to go shopping. This made me smile though!

  15. hahahahahhaha hilarious.
    scarves? never heard of anyone having a scarf obsession

  16. Ha!! You described perfectly how it is whenever I, too, go clothes shopping with my boyfriend for just him. All that merchandise that wasn't graced by my unfortunate.

  17. And I hope you learned a valuable lesson that day: Leave the string bean home next time.


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