Thursday, August 30, 2012


Remember when steering wheels had little works of art in the middle of them? Me either. This picture is my desktop background right now. Just so you know. Because I'm important. I am. Ask The Prince. I buy the groceries. I feed him. IMPORTANCE=PROVEN.


  1. Wait. What??? I'M not your background picture? I'm devastated. DEVASTATED I TELL YOU!

  2. I'll have that car one day, according to my husband. Because I buy the groceries for us, and I'm the important one.

  3. Buying the groceries definitely equals importance. I'm reading blogs while all of my newly bought groceries sit on the floor. I'm waiting for my loyal subjects to put them away for me. I'm that important.

    1. hahaha. I love when I just throw them on the floor until someone else puts them away. yaaaay.


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