Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things I said a long time ago that I still kind of like

"I sort of want to go back to school. Sort of. I sort of want to do it here, in my element. I know that I won't be afraid to talk in class anymore, like I used to be. I used to be SO AFRAID to talk in class that my heart would literally feel like it was in my throat. I always thought that whole "heart in throat" thing was just an expression, until I FELT IT."


  1. I thought the same about "blood rushing to your head" and "time stopping" after an exhilarating moment. The moment I finished my Honours conference presentation I thought I was going to fall over as I walked back to my chair.

    Best moment of my life.

    Go back to school! You'll rock it.

  2. I hate talking in class! it's the worst.


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