Thursday, June 21, 2012

A story about my badass grandma

My parents were pretty hands-off when it came to raising my brother and I.

They had some rules though, like that we weren't allowed to drink alcohol "to their knowledge".

This meant that we were technically allowed to go out and drink, so long as my parents never heard about it.

Still, they would never, ever buy us alcohol.

My brother and I respected this rule.

My grandma, however, did not.

When I was in the 10th grade, I was going to a party.

My grandma was driving me there.

On the way, she stopped at the liquor store, went in, and came back out with a six pack of vodka coolers.

They were this exact kind.

She handed them to me, looked me in the eye, told me to have fun and to never tell my parents what she'd done.

I was in shock at first, but of course ended up having an awesome time at the party.

Until I threw up all over myself.

My grandma is the best.



  1. lol way to go grandma!!! My grandma is Irish and can easily out drink any one of my friends under the table...she actually got kicked out of her home for sneaking in whiskey lol. I hope I can be as "active" as she is at that age lol.

    1. Yeah, I have the same hopes for myself!

  2. Awesome grandma. I want to be this cool grandma when I grow up. But I guess that means I would have to have children first....hmmm....

    1. it's a hard question, right? I have no idea either...

  3. OMG. You really do have the best Grandmother ever.

  4. Haha she's awesome. That's what grandmas are for.

  5. Hilarious! My first time getting drunk was off of Hooch Hard Lemonade. That shit gives you the spins and one devil of a hangover.


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