Saturday, June 16, 2012

Probable signs of many possible mental "quirks"

I sometimes feel compelled to take pictures of numbers when they happen in repeating sequence. I do not know why. I figure this is pretty weird based on the fact that I'm aware that it's strange and that usually indicates that the rest of the planet will think it's weird because you guys are way ahead of me on accusations of weirdness.

Examples I found on my phone:

I can also recall numerous times when I've asked the Prince to pull over the car because "the number is about to be cool and I want to take a picture of it!"

How weird is this compulsion? Anyone else do it, too? Anyone?



  1. Ok I don't do THIS exactly, however I do have this strange gift for looking at a clock right when it says something cool like 11:11 or like 23:23... it's like every time and obviously I have to point it out... between my weird 'gift' and your passion for it... we would make an AWESOME team :) Love Elle xo

    1. I do this too! Except I tend to look at the clock on every 11. It started with 9:11 and then progressed to all elevens. So weird!

  2. I think I can beat you on that! I cannot wipe my bottom after I use the toilet unless I pull precisely 10 squares of toilet paper, no more, no less. Otherwise the world will surely explode, or I'll die!

    Hugs and kisses

    1. wow, this is pretty high-maintenance!

      I promise to love you anyways.


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