Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Driving across Canada: In need of advice, tips, opinions, ideas, stories and the like

Okay, people.

I'm asking for advice.

This will probably never happen again. 

The Prince and I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, but we were both born and raised near Waterloo, Ontario.

We're going home for a visit this summer. One of the major things we'd like to accomplish is to bring my car back out here with us.

That means we'll be driving from Ontario back out here to BC in early August.

Driving across Canada is something we've been talking about for a long time and we're both very excited.

We don't have any plans yet. Our goal is to do this comfortably and keep it affordable. We will be driving my 2011 Chevy Cruze. We will have use of OnStar for navigation purposes. That's really all we know. 

This is where you come in:

Tell me your best ideas for making what will probably be a five or six day road-trip awesome.

Tell me anywhere you've been in Canada that was amazeballs that we should stop at.

Tell me if we should we drive the Trans-Canada or take back roads.

Teach me methods that will stop me from murdering The Prince halfway through the drive.

Tell me if we should stay in a hotel a few times, or camp, or use public pools as ways to get shower use, etc.

Tell me what you would absolutely bring with you if you were going to spend a week in a small car.

Tell me your own road-trip stories.

Tell me if this idea is batshit insane.

My anxiety disorder is going to make the planning of this hard on me, so you know, just be a doll and tell me what to do.

With sincere thanks,


  1. Oh man. Once I drove from MT (which isn't part of Canada contrary to popular belief) to Canada. But like, to the west coast. It was like 24 hours. In a bus. And it sucked. But I think driving with your prince would be much more fun than a million teenagers. Take a lot of snacks. And make sure you have plenty of music. Find places to stop at so that you're not stuck in the car for 6 straight days. And not just gas stations and rest stops. Stop at pretty parks and historical sites and unusual places. Enjoy it and let the little things go. I get so stressed out and uptight because I get supe anxious about being on the highway that I forget to have a good time and enjoy the uninterrupted quality time with my best friend.

    That's my advice. I don't think your cray, but make sure you plan plan plan =]

    1. I don't know any Canadians who think that Montana is part of our country, haha.

      You're right- I need to plan but then just relax and enjoy the experience.

  2. Feet up on the dash... Good shades... Good tunes... Good snacks and a camera to capture it all!
    6 days won't get you to where I will point you, but you must consider it anyway, CAPE BRETON... Romantic, beautiful island that I get to call home. AMAZING beaches, golf courses, great food, great people etc etc etc... :)

    1. I will get to Cape Breton someday, someday I tell you!

  3. batshit insane. yes. actually, no. I just really wanted to type that. ok, do not let prince play trivia games with you. they are not fun. and take snacks. I love snacks. ummm ... have fun?!

    1. ahha.

      Trivia games are no good, you're right.

      Totally with you on the snack front.

  4. Apart from wild "making love" sessions I can't be of much help :)


  5. Pretty jealous about the awesomeness you're going to experience.

    To bring:
    Camera, water, comfy clothes

    To see:
    Everything?! I've never been to Canada so anything is good to me.

    And no, this is NOT a crazy idea.

    1. I'm trying to devise ways to keep my camera battery charged. I will DIE if the battery gives out at any point during the trip. DIE.

  6. Batshit crazy. Definitely.

    What I would bring:
    Tums (eww) or Gingerale (yum) because I'd get carsick.
    Every single one of your "Recommended Rockin" songs.
    A bat to hit Prince over the head with to knock him out when he's annoying.
    Baby wipes so he can keep his smelly feet clean.
    SNACKS: chips, gummies, not chocolate it melts - ohhh but you'd have baby wipes to clean it so it's fine, popcorn, etc.
    Not a lot of liquids - too many pee breaks - too many public potty germs

    Yup, that'll do.

    1. TUMS AND GINERALE. Had not thought of that. I imagine there will be major chances for car sickness.

      Baby wipes are an awesome idea, too. AND A BAT, I like it.

      I'm going to have suck a hard time not stopping to pee every couple hours :(

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. LOVE this idea!!
    One thing you MUST do is just do a night where you both sleep in the car! Just to be able to say that you've done it. Put the seats back, find a really cool spot (although Im from England so I can't help you there...) that makes you feel like youre in a film :)


    1. Oh, we will totally be sleeping in the car for more than one night, haha. It's free!

  8. GREAT IDEA! I'll be doing the same(ish) soon when I move from TX to PA. Nuts.

    Sooo being from Waterloo I'm sure you had your fill of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, but in case you didn't....go! I've been several times (remind me to thank my mother for forcing culture down my throat at a young age) and the comedies are always the best. And there are cool tours and meet and greets and stuff.

    Also, if you have a camera to video some of this experience--a la style of real world/the bachelor/jersey shore/other trash reality show confessionals--that would really appease your readers :)

    1. I went to high school in Stratford. My family lives about half an hour from there. The Festival theatre was where I hung out, haha.

      I saw every. single. play. one year. It was awesome.

      You're right, the comedies (and the musicals!) are the best, though some of my favourites have been the tragedies.

      So glad someone else shares this love and appreciation for Stratty. :)

  9. Replies
    1. You know, I probably could! I'm hoping for a day or two in Toronto with friends- I'll let you know what's up as things draw closer :)

  10. Cool. Seriously don't be shy. I live in the heart of the city. How cool would that be???

    1. Yeah, a couple of my best friends do as well! If I make it there I will email you in advance so we can make a plan.

  11. I thought Canada was called Canadia for like half my life. oops.


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