Monday, June 18, 2012

And then I regretted the decision before, during and after

I need to stop letting The Prince drag me to car shows.

For the sake of my sanity.

We've gone to two so far this summer and each time I've regretted the decision before, during and after its occurrence.

The Prince before a car show:

"Sweetie! Sweetie. We are going to see SO MUCH AWESOME SHIT TOMORROW. I am going to have a blast. I can't wait to walk around aimlessly for hours and chug six-dollar freshly-squeezed lemonade while refusing to let you sit down and/or find a clean bathroom."

The Prince during a car show:

"Sweetie! SWEETIE. Are you seeing this? This Chevelle is one of THREE ever made. Doesn't that just blow. your. mind!? Oh, OH, look at this engine. It's so beautiful. I bet it goes like a bat out of hell. What do you mean you want to go sit in the shade? There is no time for sitting."

The Prince after a car show:

"Sweetie? Sweetie? I've decided that I need to buy a really super awesome muscle car. Nothing else will do. I need to feel the thunder of an engine while I cruise down the highway, you know? I can't imagine ever owning something with only four cylinders. I need much more machine than that. Our car* is such a piece of shit."

*Only by "our car" he really means MY car that I PAID FOR.

The real kicker is that I put up with this for AN ENTIRE NIGHT, DAY AND AFTERMATH, whereas if I drag The Prince into any store I want to shop in, he whines after 2.5 seconds and actually (ACTUALLY) comes up to me and tries to rest his head on my shoulder. It's his way of letting me know that my shopping is gently killing his ginger spirit.

How was your weekend?



  1. strangely enough... I'm off to a car show with my boyfriend this weekend! But I do kinda like them so I'm not too fussed :) He lives, breathes and speaks car though! xx

    1. I like them too, just not for 7 hours straight. Toooooo much!

  2. Oh man. Bless your heart, I wouldn't go.

    My weekend... ugh.

  3. Oh man! I like vintage car shows but in small doses.

  4. He may not have let you in on the secret, but it's a proven fact that shopping does slowly kill a ginger from the inside out... I would know..

    1. hahahah, I'll let him know you're on his side.

  5. My boyfriend and my dad are both car guys. I actually enjoy car shows though. I went to one with my dad at an ANTIQUE AERO AND AUTO MUSEUM and my dad insisted on looking under the hood of so many cars behind velvet ropes. Like the ropes that mean do not touch this. I was so surprised when we didn't get kicked out.

    1. I usually enjoy them, and I did enjoy this one for the first hour or so... but then it was just going on too long.

      I'm surprised you didn't get kicked out either, antique car owners are so protective!

    2. Well the actual car show part was outside the museum. My dad was looking under the hoods of the actual museum exhibit cars!

  6. Oh

    There is NOTHING worse than a car show. I have decided I will never go again, after going to TOO MANY with my highschool boyfriend. I would much rather sit watching xBox for a whole day.

    You poor thing.

    1. hahaha, I think sitting with Xbox might actually be better. You're right.

      That kind of amazing considering how boring watching someone else play a videogame is.


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