Friday, April 27, 2012

What happens when The Prince tries to focus on something other than me

First off, I would like to publicly blogicly announce that The Prince has just landed himself a fabulous new job. Let's all give my little ginger boy a round of applause!

*Yep, he's a red head. Looks like Prince Harry, remember? 

Anyway, this is definitely great news and we're both thrilled, excited and looking forward to having more cash for things like GROCERIES.

The hitch so far is that The Prince has a lot of studying up to do before he goes into his training sessions next week. He has to learn a lot of facts that he's actually excited about- sign of a good employment fit! Hoo-ray!

Anyway, this became a problem for me yesterday, which means that I promptly made it The Prince's problem, too. Because not fair, amirite?

I came home from work last night to find The Prince flipping through a binder full of charts and stats, memorizing them. He was pretty engrossed in what he was doing, so I had to work to get him to pay attention to me- I was all "I just worked all day so you should have done your studying then because now I want you to talk with me about non work things! Or let's watch a movie!"

That didn't work so I ordered pizza as a strategy to get him to put down the book. Problem solved. I am an attention-seeking genius.

Disney's Robin Hood. [via]
At bedtime, The Prince insisted on reading in bed while I fell asleep. The flaw with his plan was that he failed to remember that my absolute favourite part of the day are the few minutes we spend talking and laughing together before we go to sleep. I began to feel gypped out of my snuggle and chat time. This meant that when The Prince looked over at me from this book (which might have only happened because I started making cat noises) he saw me looking back at him like this:

An adorable Tarsier. [via]
The Prince gave in for a little and cuddled me. He was quick to point out that I was, in fact, very tired. Usually when I'm very tired, I get into bed and am pretty much like "STAY AWAY FROM ME I WANT TO SLEEP TRY AND CUDDLE ME I WILL CUT YOU". Only in this case I was feeling neglected and abandoned so I was a being a shithead.

Because The Prince was trying to focus on something other than me.

Does anyone else act like this when their significant other (or even a best friend, parent or pet) tries to devote mass amounts of time to something else?

Really? You don't do this? Just me?

Yeah right. You lie like a rug. 

Yours with Tarsier eyes,


  1. I don't have a significant other, but sometimes I feel like I am literally jumping up and down waving my arms screaming, "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me!" to All. of. Society! So don't feel bad about your manipulating The Prince. :)

  2. Ok Miss Tarsier eyes, first of all, congrats to The Prince but mostly to you as you get to spend all his money, right? If not, take a note from an old woman and just do it, alright?
    Secondly, take a chill pill, I'm way worse than you, I am the neediest person on Earth. That's why hubby is still at the mollusk level, hehe.


  3. Oh wow that has to be the creepiest looking animal i have ever seen! I seriously don't even want to scroll back up. I don't have a significant other but when I am feeling neglected I usually just scream out, "PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEE!!!!!" And if that doesn't work, pouncing will ensue. =)

    1. hahha no no it's cuuuuuute.

      I also say "pay attention to meeeeee".

      sigh. :)

  4. That's totally me all the time. It doesn't matter if I am too busy playing DrawSomething on to pay attention to him he better put down the lap top when I want snuggle time. And I actually love that you and your prince have snuggle and laugh time before bed. We do too and it is my favorite part of the day!!

  5. haha I am dying. I love this. I looovvve bush babies. I did my 3rd grade school project on them and I have been in love ever since.

    I feel like we would be good friends I make cat noises all all all the time.

    1. Hahha third grade school projects. Awesome.

      Haha, maybe we would be!

  6. Boyfriend glanced at the picture of the tarsier on my laptop screen and said what the fuck, that looks like a weird gremlin.

    1. hahahaa, it kind of does, I'll give him that.

  7. haha, oh my God! That's too cute!!
    I love it!

  8. I am the same way! If he is doing something else that doesn't involve me I push my way in.

    1. As you should, my dear, as you should.

  9. Haha. Best pictures, totes fits you perfectly.

  10. Ahaha I am so late to this game but I'm reading all the way through because your blog is amazing and my job is a joke today :-)
    I 100% do this all the time, but luckily my boyfriend has an obnoxious dog that is even worse than me, so when I do it, it's endearing because it reminds him of her but in a much cuter way


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