Monday, April 23, 2012

And then The Prince tried to say "Plymouth"

As you may have seen in my last post, I like vintage cars. The burgundy Camaro in the picture is my baby, but sadly it’s in Ontario while I’m out west in Kelowna.

Last night, the Prince and I got all “Well maybe we could find a cheap vintage car for the summer, nothing perfect, just something worth less than 4 grand that we could buy and drive with the windows down.”

Dreamers, we are.

Anyway, we had fun looking at the cars posted online for sale. One of these cars was a Plymouth, as in the discontinued Chrysler brand.

Wait for it... [via]

The Prince: I’m not so sure I like that Ply-Mouth.

Me: I’m not so sure I just heard you correctly. Can you say that again?

The Prince: Ply-Mouth

Me: Again.

The Prince: What? It’s Ply-Mouth.

Me: Please, just say it one more time.

The Prince: Ply-Mouth.


The Prince: What the hell? What is so funny?

Me: Let me get this straight. You’re saying “Ply” as in “this is a piece of plywood” followed by “mouth” as in “my lips are attached to my mouth”?

The Prince: Yeah… that’s how it goes. I sounded it out.


The Prince: … yeah?

Me: Sweetie, it’s Plymouth. Like “Plim-uth”. It’s also the name of a city.

The Prince: Oh.

And then for the rest of the time we were looking at cars, every time we saw a Plymouth, I was all “Look honey! Look! It’s a Ply-Mouth!”

Because AWESOME.

Have you ever pronounced something hilariously wrong and been caught by someone who was as much of a shithead to you as I was to the Prince? Admit your faults in the comments, darlings. I won’t make fun of you, I promise.

Pronunciation FTW,


  1. Hello Ms Management,
    As a small token of my respect and appreciation to your absolutely hilarious personality, there's a little humble surprise for you @

  2. You have a very interesting place here, congrats on the blog award :).

    1. Not sure if interesting means bad or good but I'll take it :) Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Well of course I never ever pronounce anything wrong. But sometimes G pronounces something hilariously wrong and I correct him and then he insists that I'm wrong and he's saying it right, so I just let him go on saying it wrong. But then I chuckle to myself later whenever he says it later.

    1. It's the best when they will not believe how wrong they are. Makes it even funnier.


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