Wednesday, April 25, 2012

23 things to do while I'm 23: Happy Birthday to Me!

As promised, since today is my 23rd birthday:

1) Visit Vancouver in the summer.
2) Adopt a rescue puppy with the Prince and name it Chevy.
3) Wear (read: fit back into) the jeans that I have hanging up on my wall.
4) Start playing open mic nights again. (Surprise! The Management is a singer/songwriter!)
5) Jog every day for a month straight.
6) Drive across Canada in my car with The Prince.
7) Pay off my VISA and then LEAVE IT THAT WAY.
8) Finish paying for my car.
9) Dye my hair so blonde that it will almost be WHITE.
10) Get my Ontario G Driver's license.
11) Continue blogging in the hopes of reaching 300 followers by my 24th birthday.
12) Buy a better camera (most pictures on this blog have been taken with MY PHONE) and learn how to use it.
13) Start bartending again.
14) Go on multiple wine tours in one day. This is the Okanagan.
15) Go skiiing- I am surrounded by mountains and have no idea how to ski!
16) Learn to drive stick.
17) Touch an ocean- I have NEVER done this before.
18) Read the remaining Alice Munro books that I have not yet fallen in love with.
19) Bake a pecan pie from scratch.
20) Go to a sweet water park and go on EVERY SLIDE, no matter how scary.
21) Own a real piece of rose gold jewelry.
22) Advance my career in any way I feel like it.
23) Volunteer with a new organization.

That's it for now... I'll do my best to keep track as this year moves along!

Yours at 23,


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope the prince treats you like a princess today. BTW, it wouldn't be a good idea to jog every day because it will hurt your knees. Every other day is good but not every day. Trust me. I did that and my knees were not happy with me. Also, if you do go wine tasting, don't do it with the Stay and Tour company in Vancouver. They are terrible! What's supposed to be a 5 hour wine tour ends up being 7-8 hours because the employees are incompetent.

    1. He has been so far! He decorated our apartment, in a princess theme no less! He was up all night hanging up streamers and blowing up balloons. Such a darling.

      ON THE OTHER HAND, The Prince is the one who is all "we have to job every day" and I'm all "that's not a good idea". He is in much better shape than I am. I'm hoping the every other day will be a good compromise, and I'll just do that for 2 months!

    2. *jog... it's my birthday I'm allowed to skip proofreading.

    3. And also I won't go wine tasting with that company, I appreciate your heads up. Thank you.

      It's my birthday, I'm allowed to post three replies to one comment. :)

    4. aww how cute? did you take pics? post them pls! i would love to see his decorating skills =)

    5. I haven't taken any yet, I had to rush to work but I will take some tonight and post them tomorrow :)

  3. Happy birthday! Awesome list! I know you didn't ask for it, so if you don't want (or need? maybe you ARE a runner already?) my advice about #5, then stop reading right now. :) Ok, as a crazy runner, I recommend that you try running 3 days a week for a month straight, or for two months straight if that works better. Your body needs time to recover between runs, otherwise you will burn out and HATE it after just one week. But if you just want to be able to say you made it for a whole month jogging every day, then go nuts!!

    1. I do need your advice about number five because The Prince does not understand such advice. We jogged (and I really mean jogged- lightly, with walking breaks) for a week straight and I was dreading that after 7 days for sure.

      The Prince is way too hardcore and wants to just go crazy intense all over the plan, but I'm working on scaling it back a little. I will be careful, I promise :)

    2. Guys always do that! They just think they can wake up in the morning and run a marathon. And then they pass out on the street. :)

    3. Haha, yeah. I know exactly what you mean.

  4. Happy Birthday my crazy friend!
    Love the list of things to do!
    I can't wait to read about them all this year!

    xxx Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, I'm looking forward to them as well!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you've had a great day. they are great things to do and i hope you do them all good luck x

  6. Happy Birthday, miss Management! Have a lovely day and an awesome party! And make The Prince your slave :)

    You will definitely have 300 followers by 24.
    I can give you an advise on the blonde hair thingy: DO NOT EVER BLEACH IT! EVER! YOU HEAR ME? EVER!

    1. Haha, thanks. I have bleached my hair many times. While I hate the damage it does, I love it just the same.

      And yes, today, instead of being The Management of The Prince, I am the princess with The Prince.

  7. happy belated! love this list! number 2 tho is my fav! i love that you want to rescue a dog & not get a breed. there are SO many homeless animals, i really hope you follow through with it! your blog is adorable, new follower!

    1. Oh yes, we will definitely follow through with the rescue plans. I won't get a dog any other way- so many lovely animals that are waiting for homes! Just need to wait until we have more room settled working hours- The Prince is just starting a new job.

      Thanks for following and for the birthday wishes!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like a great list of things to accomplish.

  9. Happy birthday to you! Wowsers...that's a life long list if you ask me...I'm inspired by your tenacity...keep in up. That's what your 20's are for....

  10. Ohhhh Happy Birthday little lady!
    Your list is wonderful. A few stuck out...
    19) Bake a pecan pie from scratch.

    Um. Let me know when that happens and I'll be over in a jiffy.

    4) Start playing open mic nights again. (Surprise! The Management is a singer/songwriter!)

    WHADDUP. Me too me too! I used to do so many open mics but haven't since I moved to Toronto. I'm adding this of my list of things to do this year.

    Vodka helps with the stage fright.

    1. Isn't pecan pie just so freaking magical? It's one of my favourite things and I can't wait.

      And OH HELLO fellow open mic night rocker! Also, I didn't know you live in Toronto, three of my very best friends live there and love it. I lived about an hour away from there until I moved to BC.

      Vodka helps with EVERYTHING :)


    this is a lovely list!! you have great plans!! “It’s all or nothing,” right?

    my best friend used to make me write lists like these. Well...we’d write them to each other, when we were going through tough times. something about writing it all down really helps! i loved looking up at the top of a list and reading over all my little dreams. I wanna be someone who believes! it’s fun to think about where you'll be next year, or even in five years time. LOVE IT!

    #4 - you’re a singer/songwriter!?! no way! when will we get to hear your music? soon enough, i hope.

    count me in for 19, 20 and 14 obviously (drink stupid wine)!

    p.s. I haven’t been on your blog in a while. the new layout rocks! yep, yep, yep, yep
    and congrats on your awards! well-deserved!


    1. OH Anna.

      It is all or nothing, yes. Right.

      Your best friend sounds pretty sweet, eh?

      "I wanna be someone who believes"... counting crows. Love.

      RE: #4, maybe someday.

      I would love to drink wine, waterslide, and bake pies with you.

      hahhaa, thanks for the layout/award comments.

      You sound a little like Duckie from the Land Before Time, amirite? ;)



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