Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Things I Keep

My smartphone is about to explode because I refuse to delete certain text message threads in my messages. It stalls when I try to text anyone and it doesn't tell me when I have new messages sometimes. It's overflowing.

But yeah, I won't delete the two threads from The Prince. (One from his old Ontario number, one from his current BC number).

On a daily basis I get angry at my phone and at my own sentimental self for keeping all these texts. I'm not kidding, guys, I have saved texts from May of last year when we met.

The thing is, though, every time I go to delete one of the threads (at which point I struggle over whether to delete to the super old ones or the recent ones, never both), I start reading the threads (one of which is 3,859 messages long) and I just. can't.

I love them because they're some kind of weird string through my entire relationship with the Prince. The texts go through the first time he told me he thought I was funny, the first time we said goodnight to each other, the arrangements for our first date, our first fight, the first time I ever wrote "I love you" to a guy, the day he moved away from home, the days we were reunited, and all of the hundreds of times I've simply written "rawr" to him and have been rewarded with an "I love you so much."

I'm going to let my phone explode, is what I'm saying. I kind of want a new one anyway. What I know I don't want is to lose these words I'm hanging on to. I want to keep them. They make me happy. They remind me that there's a reason I have a dirty boy in my apartment who uses all the clean towels and snores his face off.

Does everyone do this? Do you have a bunch of text messages locked in your phone that you can't let go of? I'm seriously considering writing them all down on paper.


  1. No, you're the only one...

    Why dont you try emailing the texts to yourself to "back them up"?

    1. I've tried to figure that out, or at least figure out how to get them stored on my SD card in my phone, but that hasn't worked out even after copious HTC Desire forum-scouring.

  2. I'm with you matey. Words are just too cute. Get an iPhone... Auto archiving

    1. Yeah, my phone actually DID end up "exploding" and deleting all of my messages on me, EVEN THE LOCKED ONES. So now the texts are all gone. I'm still sad about it.

      The fact that this happened makes me question HTC. My next phone will probably be an iPhone.


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