Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That’s Not My Name, That’s Not My Name

Okay, so. I’m still relatively new at my place of employment. As in I’ve worked here for two months.

There is a sweet older gentleman who works in a different department than I do, but his job entails a lot of walking past my work area to pick up mail and the like.

Every time I make eye contact with him, he says hello to me. This would be great, because you know nothing rocks my socks more than semi-mandatory office pleasantries… BUT. This guy has decided to go the extra mile and say my name each time he greets me.

The problem is that he’s butchering my name. Those of you who know my first name are probably laughing (Steven? I can hear you) because you know the exact mispronunciation he’s making.

For your reference, though, dear reader, basically what he’s doing is taking a perfectly fine and even pretty name like Theresa and turning it into something harsh-sounding like… Thurma. (I’m sorry in advance about making fun of anyone’s great aunt’s name.)

Anyway, the first time he got it wrong I ALMOST corrected him, but his little old smile was just too damn bright and cheery for me to ruin. So now it’s been two months and every day, at least twice, I’m being referred to by a name that, due to years of the same mistake, really makes me cringe to hear.

But it’s not like I can correct him NOW, right? Like:

“Oh, hi! By the way, you’ve been pronouncing my name incorrectly for the last two months. I’ve kept my mouth shut but you know what? Today’s been kind of a shitty day for me in general so I’m calling you on your crap. SAY IT RIGHT NEXT TIME, OLD MAN.”

Any other suggestions? Has anyone ever butchered your name repeatedly? Did you correct them or were you a total turtle about it?


  1. I never correct someone when they call be the wrong name or pronounce my name wrong I am not sure why but I never do. I once had a substitute call me brihany. weird.

    1. Yeah, I think that's probably the way to go. I just find it weird that I'm somehow embarrassed to correct someone on MY OWN NAME. One would think that your own name should be a case where you're willing to pipe up.

      Weird about the substitute. My favourite was when they would call the kids who usually went by "AJ" or something by their full names, like Arnold James, for example, and everyone in the class got all NO HIS NAME IS AJ OMG THERE IS NO ARNOLD HERE.

  2. I think you should just correct him because he'll feel bad if someone else tells him later and he'll wonder why you didn't just say something!

    1. I know that you are so right, but I'm lost as to how to execute this. I can't figure out how to do it without making us both feel badly, you know?

      Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. being as self centered as you are, buy a t-shirt with you picture on it & make sure this shirt also comes with a "hi my name it" label on it

    1. Ohhh Wolfgang. While that would be lovely, I think he probably has the spelling down, so reading it might not help.
      Unrelated- I miss your face, call me.

  4. I never correct people, but somehow the correct pronunciation always ends up coming up in a conversation and everything works itself out!

    1. Yeah! Fingers crossed that might happen in this case :)
      Thanks for stopping by, Nali, welcome to my silly little blog :)

  5. 1) Initiate a conversation with Old Man. ("Hi Old Man! How's your day going!?"
    2) He will then say "Hi Thurma! Blah blah blah..."
    3) You will then have a chance to laugh at his joke (I am assuming he will make a joke, they usually do), but then you stop and say, "Wait, did you just call me Thurma?"
    4) He will then confirm this.
    5) Then you can say "Ohhh no my name is Theresa!"

    This will only work if you act like you NEVER noticed the repeated mispronounciation. Hopefully he'll be embarrassed enough not to bring it up, but if he does you can say, "How did I not notice that!?" and laugh.

    I am brilliant.

    I know.
    (I've used a smiliar technique when I've forgotten someones name. I deliberatly call them my best friend's name and when they correct me, usually with repeating their own name, I pretend I was just got off the phone with said friend.)

      Yep. I'm singing the Kaiser Chiefs at you.
      You totally get a cookie for this comment, because you're so right. I might just try this tomorrow.

  6. My best friend once got called Amanda Skull by our substitute teacher in high school. And my best friend's sister always got called Brian by our english teacher, even though that's a guy's name. Her name was Brianna.


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