Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relationships are all about not compromising

Last night, The Prince and I decided that we were going to walk to the nearby grocery store to buy chocolate (or, as the Prince called it: TREATS!)

We’ve both got a thing going on with the Australian Tim Tams right now. On the way there, I suggested that we get some. The Prince was SO SURE that our little IGA store wasn’t going to have them.

We get to the store. They have Tim Tams. I pick up a box.

Current score: Me, 1. The Prince, 0. 

Next we tried to decide on a second kind of “treat”. The topic of frozen yogurt came up, so we started searching for that. We find a section in the frozen aisle that just has either mixed berry or mango frozen yogurt. I throw a hissy fit over the fact that The Prince wants to get the mango kind BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE FRUIT IN MY ICE CREAM AND I CAME HERE FOR CHOCOLATE.

We walk away from the fruit-filled frozen yogurt.

Current score: Me, 2. The Prince, 0. 

Farther down the aisle, we find the actual ice cream/popsicle/frozen yogurt selections. We proceeded to spend about 20 minutes (for real) bickering and laughing over what kind of frozen dessert to get.

The Prince: They have low fat Vanilla Bean. Let’s get that.


The Prince: Okay, okay. Oooooh but they have Sorbet! That’s almost healthy! 

Me: Or we could get the Skor kind or the cookie dough kind! 

The Prince: You know I hate cookie dough ice cream. 

Me: No, actually, I’m fairly certain I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOU. Who doesn’t like cookie dough ice cream? 

Anyway, that sort of thing went on for a while until the Prince just picked up some caramel frozen yogurt and walked away from me, because caramel is the clear compromise between vanilla and chocolate.

Current score: Me, 2. The Prince, 1. 

On the way to the till, I grabbed a bag of Reese peanut butter eggs. Because obviously. The Prince was all “No, we are already buying so much junk!” 

I bought them anyway, like a champ.

Current score: Me, 3. The Prince, 1. 

The Prince stayed up later than me last night. When I got up today, I noticed the bag of Reese eggs sitting empty by the laptop.


Final score: Me, 3. The Prince, 2. 

In this instance, the Prince may have got the last laugh, but I would like to point out that, of course, I still came out on top of the whole situation, score-wise. Why is that the case?

Oh, come on. You know.

Because I win, bitches. I always win.

What's the longest time you've spent in an aisle trying to make a flavour decision? Did people stare at you? I bet they stared at you.


  1. WHAT? They have Skor ice cream?

    1. Hells yeah they do. It looked amazing. It's pretty standard, I think, usually found anywhere you can get Smartie/Coffee Crisp/Kit Kat ice cream flavours.

      But yeah, clearly Skor would be the best. If you try it, let me know!

  2. That is SO my husband: "Oh, we don't need that treat .... now let me eat all of that treat you bought for yourself and NOT FOR ME."

    Evil, evil men.

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT? Every single time!

      My other favourite is "Oh I'm not really hungry for dinner". So I make dinner FOR ME, and then he's all "Oh, can I have some?"


      In other news, thanks for following, Veronica!

    2. Of course! The first time I clicked your profile, it said there was no information, so I figured you didn't have a blog, then I clicked it yesterday and was like OH MY GOD, BLOGGER LIED TO ME!!! SO here I am now!

  3. Men always want what you have, right?! I used to hide food from my ex...but I got sick of his so I just got rid of the ex!

    1. Well there's one solution I hadn't thought of :)..... yet!

  4. Last year I drove to the store after Uni for supplies, I needed chorizo for my dinner and milk for my morning porridge.

    I spent an hour in the store and I cried once because I couldn't decide whether I should buy my banana bread pre-sliced or in a loaf. I came home with 2x four packs of 600mL energy drinks, tim tams, a bag of jelly babies, lime and pepper chips, cream cheese and ice creams (and banana bread, I bought both kinds). Honours actually sent me loopy.

    1. I get that.

      ooohhhh, do I ever get that.

      my favourite part is that you bought both kinds of the banana bread, though.

  5. Funny way of scoring you've got there, seems to be a little one sided. I think a more impartial judge should have been used.

    PS bet the eggs were delicious!

    1. Anonymous commenter, oh no! Who are you, cheering for The Prince? :)

      And yes, when confronted on the matter, The Prince informed me that the eggs were indeed delicious.

      Thanks for reading!

  6. People always stare when I'm in public. I'm incapable of having disaster-free escapades.
    I currently go shopping with a little granny cart and a shopping list. I have to get what's on the list first, and I can only get what fits in the cart. Generally this means essentials only.
    Until, of course, I stop at the corner store for chocolate and ice cream and chips and sunflower seeds after my wife told me ONE treat. Don't tell.

    1. hahahahahha YOU ARE SO ME.

      We don't have a car, so we can also really only buy what's on the list and whatever we can carry home.

      I have been actively campaigning for a granny cart for quite some time! The Prince is havin' none of it, which makes me sad. I might just get one myself and tell him to get over it because it's amazing.

      But yeah- the one store that's close to our apartment? Pretty sure everything I've ever bought there has been junk food galore, because IMPULSES.

      Your secret is safe with me!

  7. Ok so my biggest gripe (yes I said gripe, I'm going with it!) is not the oh... what shall we get? game... mine is the.. ummm I thought we were trying to be healthy bullshit he pulls just as I go for the family sized bag of mini egss. WHAT?!! Are you FREAKING kidding me??? I know for a FACT that that day he has eaten EVERYTHING cooked in butter, grazed the whole day on slices of bread coated in... what's that... BUTTER, AND had at least 4 spoonfuls of squidgy yummy brownie from the fridge and here this lame-ass punk (my one and only love of my life) is making ME... (the girl who makes homemade granola and vegan dinners every night), feel guilty for picking up an oversized bag of chocolate because I am PMS-ing like a motherfucker! Leave it out guy! Let me win... or you will DIE!

    Dramatic I know, but for reals... P.M.S is a bitch! GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE!

    Love Elle xo

    Is this like the longest comment ever




    1. Awesome, awesome comment.

      I am right with you- I'm all "Hello, carnivore boyfriend. I'm vegetarian. WATCH ME EAT THIS BAG OF CHOCOLATE AND STILL LIVE LONGER THAN YOU."

      Thanks for reading, Elle!

  8. I liked this post a lot! Winning always makes treats sweeter :)

    1. hahaa, yes, yes it does. Thanks for reading!

  9. I am serious about my frozen treat flavor choices (so much that I have a new feature dedicated to rating ice cream flavors) but the longest I have ever spent deciding was probably 5 minutes. I usually just end up buying everything that looks really good, like 4 or 5 kinds, and then I have backups and don't have to go to the store every time I want ice cream, which is pretty much constantly.


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