Monday, March 12, 2012

Mason Jars Are Awesome...

...ways to get wasted on a Sunday night.
The Prince and I use mason jars for everything. They are our drinking glasses, our "tupperware", our drink shakers, our EVERYTHING.

We bought 12 of these when we got our apartment because we couldn't agree on what kind of glasses to buy. The next day we went to a bar where my drink was served in a mason jar. The day after that, we became mason jar converts and have never looked back.

The picture above is of two awesomely good drinks: On the left, a mix of tequila with pineapple and mango juice garnished with some apple slices and a rim of brown sugar. On the right, a classic cesar (but using tequila instead of vodka) with a "drunken green bean" (yep, those are real things) and a celery stalk, complete with a rim of pepper and salt.

For some reason, we always decide to drink on Sunday nights, probably because that's generally when we run out of food. One of us looks in the freezer for something to eat, sees the bottle of tequila, and next thing you know we're on the couch watching an entire season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia whilst entirely bombed.

On that note, happy Monday!


  1. We use mason jars for everything, too. Relatives keep offering to buy us "real" glasses. Which sounds awful.
    My mom finally accepted it and bought us a couple of mason jar/candle stick wine glasses. Greatest. Thing. Ever.

    1. Yeah I've seen those! I really like them but I know that at least in Ontario they were marketed as something like "redneck wine glasses"? To which I remember getting all "Um no, I like these and they are great, how dare you."

      My mother has yet to enter that acceptance phase you speak of- she is still in the "keeps telling me to buy real" glasses realm.


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