Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Reasons I Haven’t (Yet) Kicked The Prince to the Curb

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to say some nice things about The Prince rather than attempting to make him look like the dumb one as per usual.

1) He makes the bed when he leaves for class because he knows I like coming home to an organized room. I would never do this myself, ever.

2) He made lentil burgers for dinner one night because he is willing to suffer being semi-vegetarian for me and be a good sport about it.

3) When I punch him in the throat in the middle of the night because he’s snoring, he apologizes to me.

4) While watching the super bowl, I saw him go and wash off the plate he had just had chicken wings on before placing rice crispy square on it that he planned to share with me.

5) He does the dishes much more frequently than I do.

6) He also packs me lunches to take to work and sometimes he sends notes in them.

7) And he usually makes dinner before I arrive home from work. (Side note- This list is making me seem lazy, isn’t it?)

8) He gives me foot massages on the regular.

9) He understands that the only acceptable gifts to buy me are made from sparkly substances or leather.

10) He insists on kisses goodnight, kisses when we wake up, kisses when I leave, kisses when I get home… he pretty much says “kisses” whenever I make eye contact with him.

11) He makes me walk on the inside of the sidewalk because I’m a lady?

12) He makes me laugh by doing a German accent. On demand.

13) He is the only person I know who can talk me out of buying more purses.

14) When I make too much soup and I get tired of eating it day after day, he takes one for the team and eats the rest of it so that I can eat something different.

15) He sets the alarm clock for me and then listens to my directions in the morning concerning the snooze function.

16) He has memorized all of the Shoppers Drugmart “Top Beauty Picks” for me, so when I pick a shitty mascara, he’s all “NO sweetie you have to get this one because it’s the number one top beauty pick”. (He works at Shoppers Drugmart.)

17) He lets me dictate when and how he cuts his hair and also lets me “fix it” when it doesn’t look perfect.

18) Every time we cross a bridge, he gives me a kiss. He goes out of his way to find bridges.

19) He complies with my insistence that I play my new favourite songs on repeat for days on end.

20) The first time he told me he loved me was at a Sloan concert.

Happy Valentine’s Day, bitches.


  1. Yes,
    I am going through and reading everything in your blog at work.

    And frick,
    I like your Prince. Epesh no. 1 and no. 11.

    1. Haha. I like that you're getting paid to read my blog. I also like that you like my Prince :)

      He was the one who noticed my phone telling me I had a new email notification about your above comment. The Prince was all: "That is an OLD post. Ruby must really like you, orrrrrr really like ME. I think it's me."


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