Friday, February 3, 2012

Girl Gets New Sofa...

... and promptly spills salsa on it, an incident for which she blames her boyfriend, because "WELL YOU PUT YOUR BIG GOBBY HANDS IN THE WAY OF THE SALSA AND MY MOUTH."

We have furniture!
But still no laptops!
It's like we're oldskool or something!

Oh but here's your daily tidbit:

On the day we moved, I panicked and decided that we weren't going to be able to fit all of our stuff in a cab, so I called around trying to rent a car. I called Enterprise, and when the lady answered the phone, she said "Enterprise, we pick you up! How may I help you?"

I go through the motions with her and I'm all signed up and set to rent a car and move my things. This took about five minutes of phone time.

Then I say, "Okay so we're at the university campus, that's where you can pick us up."

Lady: "Oh we don't do pick ups, you have to make your own way here."

Me: *Head explodes*

... Apparently when Enterprise is running out of an airport location, they don't do pick ups... SO WHY WOULD THE SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH words out of their mouth when you call them be "WE PICK YOU UP"?!?!?!

The anger, you guys, it burns.

So we ended up moving all of our worldly possessions in a cab. More on that lataaaa.

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