Monday, February 6, 2012

Favourite Disney Princess?

Tonight over dinner, The Prince and I were discussing our favourite Disney movies.

The Prince's Top 3:
1) The Lion King
2) Mulan
3) Monsters Inc.

My Top 3:
1) The Jungle Book
2) The Rescuers Down Under
3) The Sword in the Stone

I just realized that our difference in age (three years, and yes I know I'm a cradle robber) is showing through these lists. *Shrugs*

Anyway, the topic of Disney princesses came up.

The Prince: "Who's your favourite?"
Me: "I don't know. Probably Ariel. I loved her as a kid. I had like three Ariel toys that I carried around everywhere."
The Prince: "Really? Ariel? Ariel was your Disney princess jam back in the day?"
Me: "She's a freaking MERMAID."

Interestingly, if you believe in Myers-Briggs personality types, Ariel the mermaid is an apparent near-perfect example of the ENFP (Champion) type.

Guess who else is a tried and true ENFP girl?

Thanks, Disney. My wishes of being a mermaid affected my psychological development. You win.

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