Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Gross Post

The other night, right before going to sleep:

Me: "I have to pee."

The Prince: "Ugghhh again? You just went. Five times."

Me: "I'm sorry! I can't control the gods of pee-ness!"

The Prince: "Hhahahhaahahahaa. Did you really just say that?"

Me: "No! You're gross. Not penis. PEE-NESS. As in the gods that control when I have to pee. Pee-ness. I made up a new word."

The Prince: "No, you didn't. You're literally saying penis. Repeatedly."

Me: "UGH."


  1. As someone else who is abused by the gods of pee-ness on a bi-hourly basis, I feel your pain.

    Besides, penis is just a fun word to say, and should be worked into the daily verbal lexicon whenever possible. :)


  2. Reminds me of the time at work last week when I was describing the huge, fancy dinner and dance galas that people in accounting get to go to that consultants miss out on. My clients did not share my urge to have "big swinging balls". Not even a little.

    1. hahaahhaa oohhhhhh Drakey! I adore this comment almost as much as I adore the fact that your comment name is DRAKEY. Makes my day.
      Also, yeah, big swinging balls, eh? That totally sounds like something you would say. I can see you gesturing with your hands while saying it, too.


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