Saturday, January 28, 2012

So Now You Know That I Blog (And Currently Live In Disarray)

So now a bunch of people that I know are aware of this blog, which is making me anxious.

As far as an update goes:

I like living in British Columbia so far, my new job is pretty bad ass, I get my own apartment in four days (I'm currently staying in the Prince's university residence illegally. FYI, This situation can also be considered living in squalor.)

Squalor, you say? Gosh that's a harsh word, BUT NO. I'm talking the floor is sticky, they've hung tie-dyed cheesecloth in the hall as a fruit fly barrier, there are random motorcycle parts littered about the hallway, there is a constant bad smell coming from HOW COULD YOU EVER BE SURE, they sometimes decide that toilet paper is not a basic necessity, there is something brown rotting in a glass of water (I've been told that it was once celery and that I'm not allowed to throw it out), and oh, OH the array of smoking paraphernalia constructed from coconuts.

Aside from the squalor, I'm also living in sin for the first time, and so far that's been absolutely cool beans minus the sharing of a twin sized bed, the snoring and the plan I've concocted to smother The Prince in his sleep.

In other news, The Prince and I are currently accepting applications from those of you who wish to come visit us in this wondrous world of wine once we've settled into our clean, grime-free apartment.


  1. You're wonderful and awesome and should feel awesome and wonderful.

    1. Thanks Anonymous commenter... I have a funny feeling that "towel, dish" might mean something to you? AKA I correctly guessed who you are?


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