Monday, January 30, 2012

I Miss My Car

My car isn't out here with me and that makes me super sad, but here's a funny thing about when I DID have my car and the ability to park it every day.

My dad had a very real (and totally unfounded) fear that I was incapable of parking my vehicle within a safe distance of the other vehicles in our shed. As in when I arrived home from work and he happened to be outside or in one of his sheds, he would walk over to where I was parking and try to direct me to be "close enough" to the other vehicles, but of course not anywhere near hitting them.

Newsflash, I'm kind of a shithead, so when my dad would do this "directions" gimmick, I would purposefully avoid his advice and proceed to pull my car absolutely as close as possible to the vehicle in front of me, just to make the man squirm.

Exhibit A:

I win, bitches, I always win.


  1. Your father is like your personal chauffeur, and the guys at your work, well you just bat those big eyelashes and they bend over backwards to "clean and service" your vehicle for you. Your vehicle is the most clean and well taken care of vehicle on the road. Your such a Princess/Daddies little girl it's ridiculous.... but I love you anyways... Even though your being a shithead and spell checking this as I write it.. Shithead.

    1. You made "clean and service" sound kind of dirty... and it's not. At all. Also that you're typo was a x2, muffin.

  2. I know understand how you hurt your bumper...


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