Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gold Discovery in a Smartphone Image Gallery

Oh hi. So I decided to scavenge my picture albums on my phone for content, and man, I've got to say, that worked out just swimmingly.

A long, long time ago, I was a nice big sister and decided to give my younger brother (he's 20) a ride back to his house that he lived in during the school year while attending college.

This happened not long after he moved in- I'm pretty sure it was still September, actually.

While my brother was unloading the copious amounts of groceries that my mother had sent with him in the hope that he would survive the coming week, I had a chance to survey the premises and collect educational data.

First up is the note on the fridge that my brother must have left for his friends when he came home on Friday afternoon. Apparently he is called (or more likely calls himself) "The Bandit".

Here we have a mildly appalling empty beer bottle selection. Again, this is SEPTEMBER.

This nice little kitchen feature had me concerned but also laughing pretty hard. Really, how does something like this happen? Anyone?

I decided to open a closet because I figured it might be funny. It was. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the bong graveyard: the place where beloved bongs go to die and rest in peace.

And a Yoda hookah, just for kicks.

Another closet. In my defence, this one didn't even have a door to hide its contents. Here we have some painting supplies, Monopoly, an old cooler, and what appears to be the body of a young person rolled up in a sleeping blanket.

Decorating 101: Fruit often comes with free stickers! Apply to cupboard doors as you see fit.

Not to be outdone by the above mentioned oven door, the dryer joins the circus with its handy duct tape closing assists. I guess it didn't stay shut on its own, so you know, duct tape?

Next to the laundering ensemble we find the obvious remnants of a super cool Guitar Hero club. I should mention that this is even more weird considering that both the laundry stuff and these guitars were located in the front foyer, where normal people keep things like shoes.

And there you have it. My smelly mechanic brother's student house. Don't worry, he's all done living there. Now he is a smelly mechanic who lives at home with my parents.


  1. be sure to text me when there is something worth reading :p

  2. Replies
    1. I have no idea, it belongs to one of my brother's friends! I have to admit that it's pretty cool though.

  3. WTF. A Yoda hookah!?
    Where bong is, I ask
    Previous note seen still asking


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