Monday, January 16, 2012

Boggle, Baby.

Boggle. You know, that noisy little word-making game where you shake up the letters and then race to beat your opponents at finding the longest words. I'm good at it, and more than I'm good at it, I'm good at ticking off the suckers I get to play with me.

My boyfriend, The Prince, is not good at Boggle.

Is that mean of me to say? Maybe. True? Yep.

The other night, the two of us got all situated to play a round of Boggle (after much whining on my part, Re: "You never plaaayyy with meeeeee")

It was late at night and we were both too tired to actually write down the words we were finding... yeah. So we were just saying them out loud as we found them.

I list off about 7 words off the bat, and then The Prince goes: "Log."

Me: *lists off more awesome words*

The Prince: "Hunt."

Me: "That's actually pretty good."

The Prince: "Log."

Me: "Um, you already said that one." (Keep in mind that in between this conversation, I'm listing off words like a machine gun. Essentially kicking ass and taking names, if you catch my drift.)

Time passes, and I can sense that the buzzer is about to go off, signaling the end of the round. I've run out of words to call out. The Prince looks serious, intent on finding a mother of a word to end the game with; some sort of saving grace to make the sting of his terrible defeat feel less stingy.

Seconds before the buzzer goes...

The Prince: "Hunt."

Me: "Are you freaking kidding me right now?!?"

The Prince: "What?"

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