Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Apartment Hunting (Part One)

Well, I've been in this far-west province for less than a week and I've already managed to settle on an apartment. That's a big accomplishment for me- big decisions are not my thing. Along the way to finding my new home, some funny things were sighted.

Funny about the first apartment we saw:

The building manager had two pet birds that she let roam around her suite. Oh, how I wish I could recall the names their keeper had bestowed upon them. Anywho, while this woman is talking to The Prince and I about the available apartment, there is a bird on her shoulder the entire time. Out of nowhere, bird number two hops up toward bird number one, sparking a sort of birdie-brawl. The Bird Lady (as she is now named) proceeded to tell us how "They don't get along, they both want me to rub their heads." Then I watched with disgust as bird number one (the battle victor) tried to eat The Bird Lady's earring out of her right earlobe.

When we got out of there and on to the actual apartment viewing, The Prince and I decided pretty immediately that we weren't going to be residents of a smelly apartment that had YELLOW bathroom fixtures. I'm talking a yellow toilet, yellow sink, and yellow shower. And believe me, I don't mean happy sunshine yellow. I mean like... ear wax yellow?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I just wrote that, I really am.

Who am I kidding, it's an accurate fact. I'm leaving that shit in.

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  1. You can't foget the horendous counter tops that accompanied the fabulous yellow ear wax yellow fixtures... Reminicent of a 70's laminent wood finish all that was missing in appartment number one was the wall to wall shagg carpet


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