Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 For Today

"10 for today" is a staple in my writing. Basically, on days when I'm not feeling wordy, I just try to list ten good things about the day I just had. Sometimes it's a little hard, sometimes it's wondrously easy, but it's always interesting (to me).

1) I got to sleep in!
2) When I did wake up, I was treated to the Prince making me a 5-star omelet for breakfast.
3) Today was a good wavy-hair kind of day in the beauty department.
4) I ran to catch the bus downtown and I made it just in time.
5) I went out for Indian food with The Prince's roommates while he was at work and had a fun time.
6) Then we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and I really liked it.
7) When we got back, we played metal music, lit candles and played Catan.
8) I just won at Catan, and I'm pretty proud of myself.
9) The Prince got home from work a little while ago and one of the cosmeticians he works with sent some free samples home for me.
10) I'm spending the rest of the night with The Prince, which is worth about another 10 points.

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